Brooke Shields to Replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View

Barbara Walters really wants Shields on board, says unconfirmed report

ABC’s The View is going through some major changes: after Joy Behar confirmed that she was done as co-host and amidst speculation that Elizabeth Hasselbeck has been fired, comes a report one new co-host has already been found.

She is Brooke Shields and, as fans must surely know, she’s been on the show before. A video of one time when she was featured as co-host is embedded above.

According to Showbiz411, Shields is Barbara Walters’ choice for a replacement for Hasselbeck who, admittedly, has been let go for being “too extreme and right wing.”

“The likely new member of the panel is Brooke Shields. Sources say Barbara Walters really wants her. Shields is a Princeton graduate, very articulate and the right age– 47, believe it or not,” the e-zine writes.

“She will also be a great Hollywood connection for the bookers, and she’s a mom. I’m told the deal isn’t done yet, but it’s thisclose (no typo there) to being signed. Brooke is an excellent choice,” adds the same media outlet.

For the time being, ABC is still mum on the topic of Hasselbeck’s rumored departure.

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