Britney Spears Used Body Double for Dance Scenes in ‘Till the World Ends’ Video

Just a couple of days ago, Britney Spears released a brand new video for her second single off the “Femme Fatale” album, “Till the World Ends.” It was better received than the one for “Hold It Against Me” and there’s a possible explanation for that: she used a body double.

As we also noted at the time of the release, the video had a very “I’m a Slave 4 U”-type of feel, in that it could have very well be a sequel to it.

There wasn’t that much dancing on Britney’s part in it but there was definitely more than in her previous video, fans and e-zines agreed.

Oh No They Didn’t claims part of the reason why this second video is better than the first is that producers went for a body double for certain key scenes in it.

The blog has two different shots of Britney in the video – and she doesn’t look like herself. Indeed, the photos seem to be of a woman in a Britney wig.

“Some detectives have discovered the true identity of the body double used in Britney Spears’ new video, Till the World Ends,” ONTD claims.

She’s Tiana Brown and she’s worked with Spears before. For some reason, she was used for the dance scenes in the “Till the World Ends” video, while Britney only showed up to do the head shots.

“It’s worth pointing out that she’s ‘danced for Britney Spears’ world tour CIRCUS serving as a choreographer, dancer and co-captain. Also featured in Britney’s music videos ‘3’ and ‘If U Seek Amy’,” ONTD writes, citing straight from Tiana’s official webpage.

“Initial reports claimed that Tiana Brown was the stand in, but even our source is unsure, considering she had two additional stand ins. That’s right, she had a total of three,” says the same e-zine, adding that, these days, Spears only shows up on set when she’s supposed to be in front of the lens.

Camp Spears hasn’t yet issued a statement on the latest claims, but it did do this to deny them.

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