Birdsong Twitter Client Gets Removed from Windows Phone Store

The client was one of the top paid Windows Phone apps in the store

Owners of Windows Phone devices can no longer take advantage of the Birdsong Twitter client on their phones, the team over at Red Badger has announced on Thursday.

According to the company, although their application has been the leading paid Twitter client on Windows Phone devices for a long time, they can no longer support it financially.

Furthermore, the latest changes in Twitter APIs make it increasingly difficult for the development of a client that offers core Twitter functionality, they say, announcing the retirement of the app from the portal.

Released around two years ago, Birdsong was one of the first fully-featured Twitter clients available for the Windows Phone platform, the team notes in a blog post.

“To any casual observer it is fair to say that our zeal for maintaining Birdsong’s market position has waned and we now feel it fairer to remove it from the marketplace than leave it there until the next change in the Twitter API renders it unusable,” Red Badger explains.

“Our decision is fuelled by two primary factors. Firstly Twitter has made it abundantly clear that they no longer wish to encourage the development of clients that emulate the core Twitter experience.”

Furthermore, the team explains that the Windows Phone Store did not pay off as expected for the company, and that it no longer represents a financially viable proposition.

“The revenue generated from Birdsong sales vs. the internal cost of development and push service hosting simply doesn’t add up. We genuinely have high hopes for the Windows Phone platform and still very much hope that it manages to find its feet,” the team notes.

Granted, those who are currently using the application will not be pleased at all with the decision, yet the team notes that there are other Twitter clients available for the Windows Phone OS that offer great functionality and are capable of proving appealing replacements for their app.

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