Billboard Music Awards 2013: Prince Performs Medley, Wins the Night – Video

Singer closes the show with incendiary number, probably the best of the night

Once more, Prince wins everything. The 54-year-old singer was at the Billboard Awards 2013 last night in Las Vegas, where he received an award for his career and showed the young‘uns how it’s done when it comes to live performing.

His flawless and totally sick performance is below, embedded at the end of this post.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a true performer is like.

Prince, accompanied by an all-female band, rocked the show with a medley of “Let’s Go Crazy” and “FixUrLifeUp,” all the while doing some serious shredding on his guitar.

His was the final performance of the night, which meant that, despite the so and so moments, at least the closing number was impeccable.

During the gala, Prince was also honored with the Billboard Icon Award. Perhaps no one deserved it more than him.

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