Anonymous Africa Attacks African National Congress Website

The organization says it will continue to support President Mugabe, despite the attacks

Anonymous Africa continues its campaign against corrupt politicians and media organizations they accuse of supporting Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, who they call a “mass murderer.”

After launching distributed denial-of-service attacks against a couple of media organizations and the official website of Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Defence, the hacktivists have set sights on the African National Congress (ANC), an organization that represents South Africa’s national liberation movement.

ANC’s website,, was taken down on Friday by the hackers for around 2 hours.

ANC representatives have confirmed the attack on their website, but they’ve told News24 that the incident will not change their political relations with Mugabe.

“We support Robert Mugabe - as a person; as the ANC, we have fraternal relations with ZanuPF (Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front) as a former liberation movement,” an ANC spokesperson said.

In the meantime, Anonymous Africa says its operations are not limited to South Africa and Zimbabwe. They claim that their next target is Swaziland, a landlocked country in southern Africa.

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