ABC Ups Security on DWTS for Chaz Bono

Report says network has increased security around its first transgender contestant ever

Chaz Bono is the first transgender contestant to appear on Dancing With the Stars and ABC believes this alone is enough to cause people to act on the hatred they might feel towards him. As such, it’s upped security for Chaz, it has emerged.

Since he’s been confirmed as one of the celebrities who will dance their way to the mirrorball trophy, Chaz has been targeted on Twitter and other channels, as we also noted on a previous occasion.

ABC too believes some people might act on impulse and harm Chaz in one way or another, but it’s also making sure that will never happen, by hiring extra security for him both on and off set, TMZ reports.

“ABC believes there are ‘crazies’ out there who have a thing against Chaz Bono and network execs have taken precautions by ordering security for Chaz both on and off the Dancing With the Stars set,” the e-zine says.

While no threats towards Chaz have been formulated yet, “the honchos know there’s an element of hatred out there and they feel it’s necessary to block Chaz from harm,” the same report informs.

“As a result, we’re told Chaz will get security while he's on the CBS Television City lot – where the show is filmed – and off the premises as well,” adds TMZ.

As noted above, this is not the first time that people say they’re not happy with Chaz’s being on the DWTS, considered a traditional family show.

In fact, it was Chaz’s mother, singer and actress Cher, who brought this to the attention of the international media, by taking to her Twitter account to say that he was being attacked for accepting the offer to be on the popular dancing competition.

At the same time, she pointed out that Chaz deserved praise for having the courage to do the show – because he was transgender and he was willingly putting himself under the lens.

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