AMD Starts Project Discovery, Its Ticket into the Gaming Tablet Business

This is mostly a means to persuade OEMs to make devices based on Mullins

Toshiba Encore May Mark a Surge in 8-Inch Tablet Announcements

Tablet makers may resort to this in order to escape the 7-inch industry

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Tablet Ready to Sell

The company will stick to its home neighborhood for now, sadly

Budget-Friendly Tablet from ZDX Is a 7.9-Inch $139.99 / €139.99 Wonder

It might just succeed where others failed, in some areas anyway

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Released in South Korea

The 8-inch device will sell for 400,000 won / $356 / €266, give or take

Sales Start for Lenovo Miix Windows 8 Tablet

Shipments should begin in a week or thereabouts, according to the company

Alienware Is Considering a Tablet but Isn't Making One Yet

It is supposed to both run well and look good, not one or the other

After Months of Procrastination, WikiPad Gaming Tablet Finally Arrives

The small, modular device will be out on sale 7 days from now

Computex 2013: NVIDIA Tegra 4 Improves Stylus Use on Tablets and Phones

A demo shows fine gradations and pressure being recognized and shown on-screen

Computex 2013: Full Specs of Galaxy Tab 3 10.1-Inch Tablet

The device should be up for order through online stores soon, if it isn't already

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