Chicago Public Schools Leaks Personal Info of 4,000 Students

Social security numbers have not been leaked

Hackers Deface Nazi Camp Memorial Website Before Commemoration Day

Official investigation tries to identify the author(s)

Department of Labor Employee Steals SSNs from Unemployment Insurance Database

Full set of details acquired illegally remains undisclosed

American Sleep Medicine Loses Hard Drive with Patient Information

Storage unit went missing from locked server room

Stanislaus Surgical Hospital Makes Vague Breach Disclosure

Personal info of employees or patients may have been exposed

Cybercriminals Hunt Human Resource Records at IHSS Consortium

Fraudulent IRS tax returns may have been filed

​Florida Department of State Exposes Voter Information

Info on high-risk individuals has been exposed

Bradley University Systems Infected with Malware, SSNs Exposed

IRS fraudulent tax return prompted the investigation

Multiplay Servers Breached, Users Asked to Change Password

Email sent out of an abundance of caution

Puush Server Compromised, Rogue Update Downloads Malware

Mobile and OS X users were not affected by the incident

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