“The Interview” Torrent Downloads Exist but They're Not What You'd Expect

Sony cancelling the release pushes users to piracy

Adobe Digital Editions Uploads Info on DRM-Protected Books Only, EFF Says

Free content is no longer scanned by Digital Editions

SellHack Deactivates Plugin After Cease and Desist Letter from LinkedIn

The tool’s creators want to build a new version that doesn’t violate LinkedIn’s ToS

Applanet Founder Fights Back Against US Department of Justice

His supporters have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for his defense

YIFY-Torrents Becomes YTS as Founder Retires

The website will be moved to another domain, but movie releases will stay the same

Operation Creative: 40 Illegal Websites Shut Down by British Authorities

City of London Police says that a total of 61 infringing sites have been identified

Chinese Company Accused of Stealing Software Source Code from AMSC

The losses caused to the US company are said to be around $800 million (€612 million)

Over 9,000 Rogue Pharmacy Websites Shut Down by Authorities

58 people have been arrested and 9.8 million dangerous medicines have been seized

US Authorities and Europol Seize 328 Domains Used to Sell Counterfeit Items

Law enforcement agencies from several European countries took part in the operation

Operation in Our Sites: DHS Seizes 10 Domains, PayPal Accounts

The targeted websites were selling counterfeit bike equipment and apparel

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