High-Tech Headphones Zoom In on Brain Damage, Facilitate Diagnosis

The headphones are the work of medical experts in the UK

Cosmetics Giant L'Oreal Wants to 3D Print Actual Human Skin

The French beauty company will use the 3D printed human skin tissues to tests its products, reports say

Falling in Love Is Literally like Getting Drunk, Alters Our Behavior

Study finds oxytocin, i.e. the love hormone, affects people's behavior in a manner similar to alcohol

New Drug Limits Damage to Nerve Cells, Promises to Treat Alzheimer's

The drug is the work of a team of scientists at Lancaster University in the UK, will soon enter clinical trials

Microscopic Sponges Suck Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA Out of Wounds

In a series of experiments on mice, the sponges limited the growth of skin lesions infected with the MRSA bacteria

4-Year-Old Suffering from Rare Aging Disease Has the Body of an Old Man

Medical experts say the boy is aging 8 times faster than normal, there is nothing they can do to help him

Puerto Rico Legalizes Marijuana, Albeit Only for Medical Use

Executive order signed by Governor Alejandro Padilla means folks in Puerto Rico can turn to marijuana to treat ailments

Mars Explorers Risk Having Cosmic Radiation Fry Their Brain

Study finds evidence astronauts sent to explore the Red Planet could develop dementia-like cognitive impairment

Scientists Engineer Mutant Enzyme That Can Change Blood Types

The idea is to use this enzyme to turn Type A and Type B blood into Typo O, shown to be a universal donor

Implantable Device the Size of a Matchstick Is Designed to Fight HIV

The innovative implantable device works by releasing antiretroviral drugs at a steady pace, scientists explain

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