Watch: Adorable Arctic Wolf Pups Will Totally Make Your Day

The cubs were born earlier this year at a zoo in Austria

China Wants to Build a Railway Smack Through the Core of the Amazon

If built, the 5,300-kilometers (3,300-mile) railway will make it easier to carry commodities such as iron ore and oil

Adorable Baby Beluga Whale Born at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, US

The calf was born on May 10, instinctively swam to the surface for its first breath of air just moments after delivery

US Giant Duke Energy Fined $68M (€60M) for Environmental Crimes

This past Thursday, the electricity company pleaded guilty to nine criminal violations of the country's Clean Water Act

Apple Turned Tree-Hugger Wants to Teach China How to Protect Forests

Together with the World Wildlife Fund, the company believes China can do a better job protecting its forests

Oil Spills into Hudson River After Nuclear Plant Explosion Near NYC

For the time being, local authorities are clueless about how much oil worked its way into the Hudson River

Oil Platform in the Gulf of Mexico Catches Fire, the Flames Kill 4

Another 16 people were injured and 302 had to be evacuated, details Mexican state-owned petroleum company Pemex

Clouded Leopard Cubs Born at Zoo Miami in the US Are Totally Adorbs

The cubs were born towards the beginning of March to mother Serai and dad Rajasi, vets say they are perfectly healthy

H&M Wants to Turn Old Socks and Shirts into Brand New Ones

The goal is to reduce waste by using the recovered fibers to make brand new clothes, the clothing giant explains

There's Ozone in the Air We Breathe and It's Messing Us Up, Study Warns

Evidence indicates exposure to ozone can affect the lungs and the heart, even reduce fertility in women

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