Yahoo Claims Partial Disagree with ALEC, Still a Member

Yahoo periodically reviews the organizations with which it participates, but didn't say whether they've severed ties
by Gabriela Vatu, September 24th, 2014
Alibaba's IPO Raises Company Value to $231 Billion

Alibaba's IPO Raises Company Value to $231 Billion

by Gabriela Vatu, September 20th, 2014
The stocks surged from $68 at opening to $93.89 at closing

PRISM: Yahoo Was Threatened with Fine of $250,000 per Day by the US Government

Since Yahoo was unwilling to cooperate with the US government, they put pressure on the company to make sure it complied
by Gabriela Vatu, September 12th, 2014

Yahoo Buys In-Image Ad Company Luminate

Luminate's customers have by the end of the month to get data from their accounts
by Gabriela Vatu, September 6th, 2014
Yahoo Kills Web Coding Program

Yahoo Kills Web Coding Program

by Gabriela Vatu, August 30th, 2014
The Yahoo User Interface library has been retired

Yahoo Tests Out New Search Engine Interface

The search results pages are going to be a little more eye-catching soon
by Gabriela Vatu, August 28th, 2014

Yahoo Buys Startup Zofari

Yahoo has bought Zofari, an app that's the "Pandora for places"
by Gabriela Vatu, August 13th, 2014

Yahoo Ad Network Used to Spread CryptoWall Ransomware

Major ad networks are targeted by cybercriminals all the time
by Ionut Ilascu, August 11th, 2014
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