Human Skin Cells Successfully Used to Grow Miniature Lungs in the Lab

The experiments were carried out by a team of researchers working with the University of Cambridge in the UK
by Laura Sinpetru, 11:36 GMT

Scientists Use Green Tea to Have a Better Look at Cancer Tumors

When added to iron-oxide nanoparticles, compounds found in green tea help distinguish tumors from healthy tissues
by Laura Sinpetru, 09:15 GMT
Adding Glass Fibers to Our Shoes Would Let Us Run on Ice

Adding Glass Fibers to Our Shoes Would Let Us Run on Ice

by Laura Sinpetru, 21:10 GMT
Research paper describes a novel material that promises to rock the world of footwear, give us superpowers

Homeopathic Remedies Have No Effect Whatsoever, Are Perfectly Useless

Scientists with Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council say there is no evidence homeopathy works
by Laura Sinpetru, 09:45 GMT

Researchers Identify Drugs That Slow the Aging Process, Promote Health

In laboratory experiments, scientists found evidence the drugs can extended lifespan and help promote health in old age
by Laura Sinpetru, 11:09 GMT

Sit Too Much and Your Blood Vessels Will Kind of, Sort of Turn to Stone

Researchers find sitting for too many hours per day correlates with an increased risk for coronary artery calcification
by Laura Sinpetru, 11:02 GMT
This Hormone Tricks Your Body into Thinking You've Exercised

This Hormone Tricks Your Body into Thinking You've Exercised

by Laura Sinpetru, 07:40 GMT
Specialists say the hormone works by regulating the metabolism, could help fight weight gain and obesity

Watch: The Science of Being Literally Scared to Death

In some cases, people can react to a perceived threat bad enough for their body to go haywire and eventually shut down
by Laura Sinpetru, 15:58 GMT

Researchers Find Peanuts Protect the Heart, Prolong Life

Heart disease and death rates appear to vary among distinct populations depending on how fond of nuts folks happen to be
by Laura Sinpetru, 09:47 GMT

Starving Only to Feast a While Later Could Help You Live Longer

Scientists argue intermittent fasting might hold the key to fighting aging, prolonging life expectancy
by Laura Sinpetru, 10:43 GMT
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