Windows XP Still Alive as Everyone’s Waiting for Windows 9

Stats show that XP is still powering 23.89 percent of the desktop PCs worldwide
by Bogdan Popa, September 1st, 2014

Internet Explorer Still More Popular than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

The name of the top browser in the world depends on the market researcher you trust
by Bogdan Popa, April 1st, 2014
Windows vs. Linux in Just a Single Chart

Windows vs. Linux in Just a Single Chart

by Bogdan Popa, February 19th, 2014
Linux has recorded an impressive growth, but it’s still far from becoming a Windows rival

Microsoft Fails Its Mission to Drive Users Away from Windows XP

Statistics show that Windows XP remains the world’s top operating system
by Bogdan Popa, December 2nd, 2013

This Is How Chrome Is Overtaking IE and Losing Market Share at the Same Time

Data provided by StatCounter can't be directly compared to data from Net Applications
by Lucian Parfeni, April 3rd, 2012

Microsoft Prefers Net Applications’ Reports on Browser Usage

The company suggests that StatCounter's data does not reflect actual usage share
by Ionut Arghire, March 19th, 2012
Apple Consolidates Internet Market Share

Apple Consolidates Internet Market Share

by Filip Truta, February 2nd, 2009
Mac, iPhone, iPod touch web surfing on the rise

Mac, Safari Reach All-Time High Market Share

Microsoft's Windows now below 90%, IE at just under 70%
by Filip Truta, December 2nd, 2008

Net Applications' Stats Show Safari Hit Record Market Share in May 2008

The company tracks 40,000 'predominantly ecommerce or corporate sites' worldwide
by Filip Truta, June 2nd, 2008