webOS 2.0 Screenshots Available

Recently, mobile phone maker Palm announced plans to launch a new flavor of its mobile operating system before the end of the ongoing year, namely webOS 2.0, a platform version that can be admired in a series of leaked screenshots that just emerged into the wild.

In addition to offering a glimpse at the visual looks of the new OS version, these screenshots are also set to provide us with some info on what new features Palm might plan on delivering to users through it.

According to a recent article on Engadget, it's not clear where did the shots come from to the web, as two sources are cited for them, including PreCentral forums and the Chinese site Crooked neck (also known as Wibozi).

For what it's worth, it seems that these screenshots are capable of offering us a better look at what we should expect from the upcoming webOS 2.0 to include in terms of features, capabilities, services and more.

We can count here a series of services, including Dropbox or MobileMe, as well as various other features like default app selection for filetypes and more.

Multiple IM account types, Cisco VPN support, Dropbox and Google Docs support, remote files storage with QuickOffice, and others more are also expected to come with the new mobile platform, it seems.

Last week, the new webOS 2.0 platform went official over at Palm, when the company announced not only that it would deliver the new OS version before the end of the ongoing year, but also the fact that the beta webOS 2.0 SDK is available via its Early Access Program.

This hasn't changes until then, apparently, nor the fact that there are many other new features that webOS 2.0 would include and which were not unveiled until now.

What we still don't know is when the new platform version would arrive into the wild, or whether it would be launched on a new smartphone, one that would bear the HP logo on it, most probably.

Until more info on the matter emerges, one should have a look at the screenshots below, or head over to Engadget here to see the entire gallery.


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