webOS Update Now Available, No New Features Just Bug Fixes

Rumored almost a year ago, webOS software update has been finally confirmed by HP. Although the handset maker stated that the update is now available for download, few Pre users have been able to pull it on their smartphones.

Initially slated for a July 7th 2010 release, the update does not bring any new features, instead it just corrects several bugs that have been reported.

Furthermore, the follow-up of the webOS 1.4.5 software update may in fact correct the PDK Fstab bug though it has yet to be confirmed.

Even though Palm was aware of the PDK bug introduced with the webOS 1.4.5 before the update was even rolled out, it didn't delay it and recommended devs to update their applications to use a workaround.

While users can only ask devs to update their apps with this temporary fix, developers can use one of the WebOS Internals “Emergency Fstab Fixer” application that can update the device with the correct permissions.

Leaked last year, some of the bug fixes, featured updates and enhancements of the webOS include:

- Web: Podcasts now download correctly;

- Web: text entry can now be entered correctly;

- Email: Sprint branded default email signature correctly branded;

- Power consumption / battery optimization;

- Videos: A user can now send a video via multimedia messaging from the Video


- Video: the video trim feature now works to send in a message;

- Sprint TV: Upgrade to V 3.5.4;

- Sprint TV: Enhanced Parental controls.

Although the update's change log may be incomplete or partially incorrect, it may give Pre users an idea of what the webOS contains.

As Palm officials confirmed, the webOS is about 1MB and will be downloaded over the next couple of days when the phone is idle and a high-speed network is available. Pre owners should be notified as soon as the update is ready for install.


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