systemd 209 Massive Update Arrives in the Wake of Ubuntu Adoption Announcement

A new major update has been released and is now available for download

systemd, a system and service manager for Linux, compatible with SysV and LSB init scripts, which provides aggressive parallelization capabilities and uses socket and D-Bus activation for starting services, is now at version 209.

Following the heated debate in the Debian community about the choice between the two init systems, systemd and upstart, the developers have announced this latest 209 release, featuring a lot of new stuff.

It's considered stable, but even its developers have said that it shouldn't be used in any long-term support versions because it has so many new things, and some might break or need fixes after some proper testing is done.

“With this new release almost everything is in place for kdbus. However, since the kdbus kernel module isn't upstream yet and we want to keep our options for API changes open you have to explicitly enable support with it for --enable-kdbus. By passing that configure time option you void your warranty though, and acknowledge that no binary compatibility will be provided.”

“This is a massive new release, it includes a lot of new code. You probably don't want to base your LTS release on this. We hope to return to a shorter release cycle now to stabilize the new code. Expect a couple of bugfix releases over the next weeks,” said Lennart Poettering, one of systemd’s developers.

Highlights of systemd 209:

• A new component, “systemd-networkd,” that can be used to configure local network interfaces has been added;

• A new tool, “systemd-socket-proxyd,” that can act as a bidirectional proxy for TCP sockets, has been added;

• kdbus support has been added to PID 1 itself;

• systemd no longer depends on libdbus;

• A bus driver implementation that supports the classic D-Bus bus driver calls on kdbus has been added;

• systemd-run and systemd-analyze also gained support for "”-H” to connect to remote hosts via SSH.

A detailed changelog of the new release is available in the mailing list. Download systemd 209 right now from the official website.

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