systemd 195 Will Be Present in Fedora 18

The developers have implemented a number of important features

systemd, a system and service manager for Linux, compatible with SysV and LSB init scripts that provides aggressive parallelization capabilities and uses socket and D-Bus activation for starting services, is now at version 195.

systemd 195 is mainly just a maintenance release, but it also comes with some new features that uses might be interesting in.

“Note that I intend to make this the final version we push into Fedora 18. systemd 196 will be the first release we commit to Fedora 19. This might or might not be a good idea for other distros to keep in mind, if you guys need something stabilized,” stated Lennart Poettering, a systemd maintainer.

“From now we'll just backport cherry-picked fixes to F18, the way this is done for F17. So it might be cool to watch our F18 packaging repo,” he continued.

Highlights of systemd 195:

• journalctl gained the new --since= and --until= switches to filter by time. It now supports filtering for units via –unit=/-u;

• Type=oneshot services not may use ExecReload= and do the right thing;

• The journal daemon now supports time-based rotation and vacuuming, in addition to the usual disk-space based rotation;

• The journal can now index the available field values for each field name, which enables clients to show pretty drop downs of available match values when filtering;

• More service events have been written as structured messages to the journal, and made recognizable via message IDs;

• A new tool "systemd-coredumpctl" has been added and it can be used to list and extract coredumps from the journal;

• When user-services are invoked (by systemd --user) the $MANAGERPID env var is set to the PID of systemd;

• browse.html now allows filtering and showing detailed information on specific entries;

• Keyboard navigation and mouse screen support has been added;

A detailed changelog of the new release is available in the mailing list.

Download systemd 195 right now from Softpedia.

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