"Target Elimination Specialist" Job Post, Code 007, Snuck into UK Gov Site

Applicants are required to know how to operate a submarine and take their martinis shaken

Working as a secret agent with an arsenal of gadgets, beautiful ladies and shaken martinis at your disposal sounds a bit more fun than a job as a "data entry specialist." It turns out that applying for either of them is rather similar and it starts with job sites.

If you're looking to be the next James Bond, the British government is who you need to talk to.

Unfortunately, you may be a bit late, it seems that a job opening as a "target elimination specialist" got filled in rather quickly. It sounded rather nice too.

"The role will involve international travel to a number of countries where individuals need to be removed," the post at the British government's official jobs site, read.

"The ideal candidate will need to have no particular distinguishing features so as to blend in and be able to take on new identities as required," it said.

The perks weren't bad either, special watches, jet packs, mini-submarines and a Walther PPK, were all mentioned. The hours weren't so great though, you had to be prepared for shift work and overtime.

The post was obviously a fake, but the big question was how someone could manage to post it on an official government site.

On second thought, the answer is obvious, it was an official government site and they do tend to be expensive to build and easy to break.

The entry has been removed at this point, but not before it made the rounds on Twitter and elsewhere. It managed to stay up for a day before it got pulled down.

Some are calling this a hack, though it's much more likely that someone found a way of exploiting the system, or it was an inside job. Directgov had its share of critics before this and the latest incident probably doesn't help.

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