openSUSE 12.3 Has Been Officially Released

This release is powered by Linux kernel 3.7 and features Enlightenment E17

The openSUSE Project is proud to announced today, March 13, the immediate availability for download of the highly anticipated openSUSE 12.3 Linux operating system.

openSUSE 12.3 is not just a simple update to the previous 12.2 version, it is a whole new experience for openSUSE users, providing many new technologies, as well as new or updated applications.

Being powered by the Linux 3.7 kernel, openSUSE 12.3 is now integrated with systemd and brings support for RAID 10, SMBv2, NFS 4.1, btrfs snapshot diffs, aggressive SATA device sleep for both HDD and SSD drives, performance profiling and higher TCP performance.

"We’re very proud of openSUSE 12.3 as a stable and current operating system, also we are looking forward to the openSUSE Conference in Greece this summer, where we can celebrate its release and continue working towards the future of Free Software," said Richard Brown, openSUSE Board member.

Highlights of openSUSE 12.3:

• UEFI support;

• Initial support for Secure Boot enabled hardware;

• Brand-new artwork;

• Linux kernel 3.7;

• systemd integration;

• Improved system log experience with journald;

• KDE Software Compilation 4.10;

• GNOME 3.6;

• Introducing the Enlightenment E17 window manager;

• New print manager;

• Faster metadata handling;

• Better bluetooth integration in KDE;

• Improved notification system;

• Better file management;

• Better Windows Live and Microsoft Exchange integration in GNOME;

• PostgreSQL 9.2;

• Replaced MySQL with MariaDB;

• DigiKam 3.0;

• GTK3 integration;

• Apper 0.8;

• VirtualBox 4.2;

• Qemu 1.3.0;

• USB3 support;

• MSI/MSI-X support;

• OpenStack;

• Anjuta 3.6;

• QtCreator 2.6;

• KDevelop 4.4;

• Mono 3;

• Python 2.7.3;

• KIWI 5.04.37;

• PulseAudio 3;

• LibreOffice 3.6;

• openJDK Java environment.

Review image
openSUSE 12.3 - Image courtesy of the openSUSE Project

openSUSE 12.3 is distributed as Live CDs with the latest versions of the KDE and GNOME desktop environments, as well as installable-only DVD images and rescue CDs, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Download the openSUSE 12.3 DVD (installable-only) ISO images, as well as the openSUSE 12.3 Live KDE CDs and openSUSE 12.3 Live GNOME CDs right now from Softpedia, and enjoy a whole new Linux experience.

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