myTouch 4G Arrives at T-Mobile on November 3rd, Confirmed

Previously known as “Emerald”, the myTouch 4G was slated for a November 5th launch, but T-Mobile speeded up its release date and moved it two days earlier. Oh well, the faster, the better, as together with myTouch 4G, the major carrier also plans to launch a new service called T-Mobile TV.

In fact, T-Mobile TV is just a rebranded version of the MobiTV service with small enhancements, which means that the “new” service is not so new after all.

The T-Mobile TV service will come pre-installed on the myTouch 4G with a 30-day free trial, but after the trial period expires users will have to pay a monthly $9.99 rate to continue to receive content from ABC, Disney, Fox Sports and many more.

Anyway, thanks to the guys over TmoNews who managed to put their hands on an internal email, which was informing the receiver that the new myTouch 4G smartphone will be launched in T-Mobile stores on November 3rd.

This sheds the light on the exact date launch of the device, so if nothing serious happens in the meantime T-Mobile subscribers will be able to get the device next week.

For those out of the loop, here is some of the leaked tech specs of the handset: 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.8-inch capacitive touchscreen display, 5.0-megapixel camera with LED flash and 720P HD video recording, secondary camera which can be used for WiFi or 3G video calling, Wi-Fi connectivity.

Further, it seems that T-Mobile plans to launch a “horde” of Android devices on the very same day, November 3rd.

Basically, as a T-Mobile subscriber you will be able to choose one of the four handsets slated for a next week release: Motorola DEFY, Huawei Comet, LG Optimus T, and myTouch 4G.

There's no information about myTouch 4G's price tag, but as a high-end smartphone it should be the most expensive of the four.

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