mgadiag Bypasses Windows Genuine Advantage

mgadiag.exe = Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool

The mgadiag.exe tool just comes to show that nothing produced by Microsoft is bulletproof. The Redmond Company has yet another victim to mend and to patch; The Windows Genuine Advantage utility. Designed as a measure to counteract the piracy affecting Microsoft's operating system, the WGA, with its Validation and Notification components, detected an estimated 60 million pirated copies of Windows according to company statistics. With the launching of WGA, the Redmond Company made validation of genuine copies of Windows mandatory for access to additional support. In this context, Microsoft disallowed support for unlicensed copies of Windows.

mgadiag.exe is a solution proposed by to amputate the Windows Genuine Advantage utility. "When you want to download a file from Microsoft a WGA (windows genuine advantage) check is performed. Microsoft installs a small piece of software on your computer that contacts the Microsoft server and checks for validity. If the test fails you will not be able to download the file(s). The following method gives you the ability to download every file from Microsoft without a WGA check," reads a message posted on the Website.

About the Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool (Mgadiag.exe) and the URL of the Microsoft file intended for downloadÂ… the tool will deliver an alternative value of the "Download Center Code", that needs to be appended to the download URL, a WGA check being taken out of the equation.

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