m23 12.3 Linux Supports Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Includes both Unity 3D and 2D variants for Precise Pangolin

Maren Hachmann informed Softpedia earlier today, June 14th, that version 12.3 of the m23 rock Linux distribution is now available for download, supporting the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) operating system.

m23 12.3 is here to allow users to install and administer Canonical's Ubuntu 12.04 LTS distribution. It also comes with a few popular desktop environments, such as Unity, KDE, GNOME Classic, Xfce, LXDE, and pure text mode.

Highlights of m23 12.3:

· Support for installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin);

· Added LightDM as default login manager;

· The m23 client monitor's output, in the client's realtime status, now uses AJAX to always keep your client in view without using a SSH connection;

· Ability to automatically suggest an unused IP address;

· Integrated BAfH daily excuse;

· Added a calculator in the interface;

· Updated VirtualBox to version 4.x;

· Ability to restart or the shutdown of a virtual client from the graphical VNC session;

· Automatic change of boot method after installation of the OS;

· Updated VirtualBox-networking-setup.sh script to support Ubuntu 12.04 LTS;

· Updated m23-xorg-configurator to support Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (is now executed before the login manager);

· Improved various details of the interface for better workflow;

· Ability to see full package size and description when searching for deb files in Ubuntu and Debian;

· Ability to select or deselect multiple packages;

· Ability to change priority of packages, saved as a package selection for deploying on many clients;

· Users can now install as many packages as they want;

· MySQL database method was change to permanent connection;

· Network boot was updated to be used with /dev/sd* for IDE drives.

· Lots of other small fixes.

m23 12.3 is distributed as an ISO image, but existing users are able to update via the m23 interface or APT.

About m23

m23 is a free and open source software distribution system that installs and administrates clients with Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, CentOS, openSUSE, Fedora, Linux Mint and Xubuntu. It is controlled via a web browser.

Download m23 12.3 right now from Softpedia.

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