iWatch Is More Compelling than Google Glass, Twitter Co-Founder Suggests

“…I just can’t imagine my mom wearing them right now”

Jack Dorsey has more faith in a rumored iWatch than he has in an existing Google Glass. Both products fall in the wearable computer category, but only one of them makes sense right now.

And Dorsey believes that product is a device that comes in the form of a wristband, something that Apple is said to be working on with a team of 100.

Dubbed by the media “iWatch,” this product has more potential than Google’s existing Glass product, Dorsey suggests.

Speaking to The New York Times, he said, “I don’t think glasses are the answer. I think it might be a 10-year answer, but not in the next five years.”

“Maybe if they’re in sunglasses or what not. I think the movement you see around Fitbit, Up and FuelBand, that seems to be the next step in wearable. So something on the wrist that feels natural, almost feels a bit like jewelry.”

Dorsey doesn’t dismiss glasses as a compelling approach to wearable computing. He just can’t imagine his mom wearing them right now, and he’s got a point. It’s the kind of stuff that fledges over the years.

You can’t expect people to use Glass like it’s their second nature. An iWatch, on the other hand, is something even Tutankhamun could use.

There haven’t been any conclusive leaks to suggest any form of activity at Apple regarding this wearable computer. All we’ve heard is talk.

For example, a report by Bloomberg a few months ago said Apple was working with a huge team of engineers to bring the iWatch into existence.

Other sources cite people with knowledge of the company’s plans as saying that the iWatch is an iPhone assistant that displays your texts and notifications. The user would also be able to place / receive calls via FaceTime, according to some rumors.

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