iTunes 11 Coming in the Next Few Days, Says Music Distributor

Musicians asked to submit images pertaining to their work

Apple is sending music labels notices that iTunes 11 is about to launch, prompting them to churn up artwork for their artists to be featured on the digital distribution venue.

A musician and label owner writing on the MacRumors forums claims to have received news from his music distributor regarding the upcoming launch of iTunes 11.

A new feature in iTunes 11 is an emphasis on artist photos and artwork. Feiyr, a German music distribution service, tells Mikhail that “starting with iTunes 11, which is about to be released within the next days, users have the possibility to view pictures and galleries to every artist in iTunes.”

The musician is instructed to submit his images via his Feiyr account with 1,200-pixel sizes and larger.

Apple has delayed iTunes 11 not once, but twice. However, it now seems we’re finally in for a treat before the end of November.

iTunes 11 will arrive with a completely redesigned player, a remodeled store, and more iCloud features.

Users will enjoy new library views (which is where the new artwork comes into play). This not only applies to music, but to apps and video content too.

“Looking for an album? Click Music and that’s all you’ll see. Do the same for movies, TV shows, apps — and everything else. It’s browsing made more intuitive,” says Apple.

A new (detachable) MiniPlayer will accompany the iTunes 11 release, enabling users to quickly skip to the next song, and gain access to useful features with a click.

“Now you can click the Up Next button to see which songs are playing next. And if what you see isn’t what you’re in the mood for, you can search your collection and choose a different song — without having to open your library,” Apple’s marketing reads.

The player also comes with new recommendation features, a whole new look for the store, a preview history feature, and new iCloud functions.

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