Customers Disgruntled over iTunes 11 – Album Art Sidebar Gone

The visual changes in the new iTunes are not appreciated by everyone

Apple Support Communities members are actively discussing a number of ill-fated changes in iTunes 11 that make it hard for users to navigate their libraries. Most complaints are related to the removal of the sidebar (as a default setting) and the list view for albums.

For all the visual pleasantries it brings, iTunes 11 sure comes with its own caveats, according to a number of growing threads on Apple’s discussion board, as well as other Mac-centric forums.

“Where is the Album Artwork on the left in Songs View or when in Playlist & List View?” one customer laments. “Where is the Album Artwork in the bottom left corner?"

"Where is ‘group by artist’ in the Albums and Genres Views? Without an artist sub-division, it's just a huge mess to look at!” writes an angry user who decided to create an account and sign in as “Give_me_a_break” just to give Apple a piece of his mind.

The same user also asks, “Why is the Column Browser not generally available?” echoing a complaint shared by many other commenters who are equally disappointed by the iTunes 11 update. Some are downright determined to downgrade.

While some of the so-called issues surrounding iTunes 11 seem to be easily remedied by managing viewing options, other new features appear to be plagued by bugs, hence in need of a patch from Cupertino.

It is also worth mentioning that radical changes in popular applications like iTunes are usually met with equal doses of dismay and accolades from the community.

There are many users who praise the update, its iCloud-centric features, and the overall look and feel of the new iTunes Store.

And let’s not forget that forums are not exactly the best destinations to read positive reviews. Apple Support Communities being no exception to the rule. The forum is there to assist users with their troubles, not to uphold how great the products are.

For the latter, people tend to fancy real life discussions.

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