iTunes 11.1.5 Crashes Windows 7 Computers, Fails to Launch on Some OS X Configurations

Users report issues with the latest iTunes update from Apple

iTunes 11.1.5 has been out for only a few hours, and already some users are reporting problems with the update. So far these issues are not widespread, but their nature seems to indicate that more such reports are likely to emerge.

On Apple Support Communities, user MadTech01 explains that, after installing iTunes 11.1.5 on a Windows 7 computer, “it crashes my computer every time I launch it as soon as it starts downloading from the cloud.”

“If I run iTunes in safe mode and do not download from the cloud it will run all day but as soon as I launch it normally so I can download from the iCloud it crashes the whole computer,” this user explains.

MadTech01 says he will provide full driver and software specs to anyone willing to help him troubleshoot the issue.

Another customer, identified as FredrikTswe, says iTunes 11.1.5 crashes on his Macintosh computer with OS X 10.9.2 installed. This is the latest version of Apple’s Mavericks operating system, and one would expect it to get along with iTunes 11.

“I´ve just installed the new iTunes update 11.1.5, a version that says to fix earlier crashes,” writes FredrikTswe. “I have not had any problems with 11.1.4 as apparently many others, but updated anyway, in good faith as usually... Now my iTunes crashes.”

“The program starts, but within a second or two it crashes. I have a Macbook Pro late 2013 with OSX 10.9.2. Intresting is that I have also a Mac Mini that was updated aswell, and that one works perfectly. Same software versions,” the user explains.

FredrikTswe owns a MacBook Pro with Retina display. If you’re using a similar configuration and are having similar issues with iTunes 11.1.5, go ahead and join FredrikTswe in trying to find a solution with other users on Apple Support Communities.

Some users were actually waiting eagerly for iTunes 11.1.5 to fix some issues, including the installation errors reported with iTunes 11.1.4.

Earlier this month Apple released a Support document confirming that “Some Windows customers may experience installation issues while trying to install or open iTunes 11.1.4.”

“These behaviors can occur if the iTunes installer has insufficient privileges to cleanly update iTunes. To resolve the issue, remove iTunes thoroughly, and then give the iTunes installer administrator privileges,” Apple said.

For some users, Apple’s instructions paid off. Others, however, have been unable to address the problem on their own. iTunes 11.1.5 may fix it, but remember that it could come with some bugs of its own, as the two aforementioned users reported.

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