iTime – The New Patented Apple Watch

The US Patent Office just granted Apple with a new patent for an iWatch

Apple has not said a word about a new iWatch. However, they have received a new patent confirmation for a new wristwatch- like device, called iTime.
Apple's patent is wider than a wristwatch and it can be a new kind of iPod nano or an electronic wristband. According to, the iTime will use additional electrical circuitry or devices provided within the electronic wristband to augment its capabilities. Also, the device would have a central portion that can receive electronic impulses. That central portion can be formed of various different materials from rubber, silicone, plastic, Mylar and/or vinyl. 
Apple also details that the central portion could have interchangeable parts. For example, they could come out with an iWatch that is fit for listening to music and have the time, but you could be changing that to a device made for sports or one that could double as an action camera. 
The wristband itself could include an audio jack so the device could be hooked to a speaker and/or microphone. You EarPods could be working with this iWatch, so you can control it like you do with your iPhone. In this patent, Apple has described the various methods that can be used to get the central portion to the wristband. Those include, among others, latches or magnetic straps. 
The cited source reveals the way this device could work when it comes to notifications and alerts, Apple wants to have the new iWatch receive them from a nearby electronic device. For example, the notification request can cause the electronic wristband to activate a haptic device, an audio device and/or a display device of the electronic wristband to signal the user of the notification. Once the user is notified, the user can in some cases view additional information pertaining to the notification via the display device or hear additional information pertaining to the notification via the audio device (e.g., a speaker).
On the other hand, the user can further interact with the electronic wristband and could answer to a message or decline the incoming call. Apple explains in this patent that information about an incoming call, a text message, a social network post, weather and stock alerts, calendar events and even news feeds from the iPhone could be pushed to the iWatch. 
The patent goes on detailing how the user can be alerted if the phone is out of range, therefore providing essential information to the owner if the phone was left behind or it's being stolen. The smartwatch could be telling the user where the iPhone has been seen recently. 

Apple explains how the iWatch could be controlled by hand gestures. For example, a horizontal movement of the hand could mean you are declining an incoming call and a vertical one could help you get that phone call right away.

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