iQunix OS 11.04 Is Now Based on Ubuntu 11.04

Salih Emin proudly announced earlier today, May 5th, the immediate availability for download of the iQunix OS 11.04 operating system, based on the recently released Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) Linux distribution.

iQunix OS 11.04 is a minimalistic version of the Ubuntu 11.04 operating system. It is very fast and looks nice, but it only has a few basic applications pre-installed.

iQunix OS 11.04 has no Unity or GNOME Shell interface, it features the old and classic look of the GNOME desktop environment, with two panels, the Clearlooks theme, the Unity icon theme, and a very nice wallpaper.

"I am pleased to announce the availability of iQunix 11.04 which will be supported with system maintenance updates till Oct. 2013. This new release as usual is based on Ubuntu 11.04 and as user interface uses Gnome (no Unity no Gnome Shell by default)." - said Salih Emin exclusively for Softpedia.

Highlights of iQunix OS 11.04:

· Based on Ubuntu 11.04;

· GNOME 2.32.1;

· Linux kernel;

· XOrg Server 1.10.0;

· Mesa 7.10.1;

· Intel IPS (Intelligent Power Sharing) support;

· Btrfs, EXT4 and XFS filesystem optimizations;

· XInput 2.1 (a multitouch input extension);

· Preload.

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iQunix OS 11.04

iQunix OS 11.04 includes the following software packages:

· Gedit text editor;

· GNOME Terminal;

· Epiphany web browser;

· Evolution Mail and Calendar;

· Totem Movie Player video player;

· 2click Update automatic system update and optimization tool;

· BleachBit privacy and space cleaner utility;

· Ubuntu Software Center.

iQunix OS is a minimalistic Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. Its purpose is to offer to specialists and experienced Ubuntu users a "bare-bone", GNOME-based, Linux operating system in which nothing is pre-installed.

"You have seen many distributions out there that are fancy, full fledged with lots of preinstalled applications. But none of them are pure Operating System. In contrast, iQunix is just an operating system that after you install it, you are in charge."

"You have the total control over what and how you do install your applications, icons, themes and every other aspect that makes your Linux desktop experience unique." - says Salih Emin, the iQunix OS developer.

Download and try iQunix OS 11.04 right now from Softpedia. It's free!

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