iPod touch May Drop Below $199 Following iPhone 5 Event

Reportedly to compete with Amazon’s newly released Kindle Fire

Apple may slash the price on its iPod touch devices with the introduction of a new 8GB version of the player following the launch of the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S next week, sources inform.

People who are reportedly privy of Apple’s plans with the iOS platforms are telling 9to5mac that the iPod touch in all its three storage capacities will be seeing price drops, but only in certain countries around the globe.

While the 32GB and 64GB models will see only minimal price drops (blamed on currency fluctuations) an 8GB model will be sold with a much more attractive price - $199 (146 EUR) or below.

The move is said to have something to do with the recent launch of the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon, though Apple surely had plans for these rumored offerings long before Amazon even hinted at the possibility of launching a 7-inch media device.

Nevertheless, the move would make a lot of sense for Apple even with no competition around.

There are also rumors that Apple’s iPod touch is set to arrive in two color variations this time around.

Multiple sources have said that checks with Apple’s supply chain indicated a white version of the iPod touch players was in the works. The sources were unable to pinpoint an exact launch date.

However, Apple usually reserves the fall period for iPod announcements, so it’s only reasonable to expect the refresh next month.

It’s also being said that with every hot-selling iPod now using a touch screen and NAND Flash memory, Apple is phasing out those iPod models that don’t offer these features.

Specifically, the iPod classic and the iPod shuffle are said to be on the discontinuation list. There will be no replacement for these two models, according to reports.

It seems that Apple will only be selling the various iPod nano and iPod touch configurations starting this year, a move that makes perfect sense now that the iPad is becoming ever more relevant as a media consumption device.

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