iPod touch 5G Will Only Be White, Report Says

iOS 5 GM reportedly arriving in tandem with iCloud wipe on September 23

A new report claims to have received information that backs previous rumors of a white iPod touch arriving this fall alongside other potential iPod upgrades and, of course, the new iPhone(s).

A source with a fairly accurate track record, MacRumors claims to have independently received information regarding the next iPod touch revision.

According to the rumor site, the major differences between the current (fourth-gen) iPod touch and the next one will be observable mostly at the aesthetic level.

Specifically, the next iPod touch will simply be available in white, as opposed to just black as the current offerings.

The device is not expected to have a white back, though. Rather, it’s only the screen bezel that will get a new paint job, with the back shell likely remaining shiny, silvery and made of metal.

There, are, however, some other minor changes expected to make their way into the next iPod touch, such as an oleophobic coating for the display and a revised ambient light sensor.

As notes above, the news seems to fall in line well with previous reports on the matter.

First mentioned in July by Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the white iPod touch 5G was reportedly discovered by means of supply chain checks.

The analyst noted at the time that an ivory iPod touch would make sense for Apple for various reasons, such as revitalizing the its momentum in a manner similar to that of the white iPhone 4.

It is also being speculated now that the tapered back device shells floating around are not for the iPhone 5, but for this actual white iPod touch.

Finally, the rumor site said they’ve heard of a September 23 release of the iOS 5 Golden Master.

Of course, there’s no way to verify any of the claims in their story, but it would make sense with Apple planning an iCloud data reset around that time.

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