iPod touch 5 Confirmed

Those digging through the iOS 5 betas have been able to confirm that several new devices are in store for Apple fans. Most recently, one person has found references to the next-generation iPod touch.

For the past six months or so, evidence has mounted towards a camera-equipped iPod nano, a new iPad, and even a new iPhone, but no iPod touch.

It was unclear whether Apple’s upcoming iPod event would feature a new version of the company’s bigger player, the touch.

That’s until now. A guy going by the screen name of shamrock over at ifans.com believes he has discovered references to an unreleased iPod touch in Apple’s iOS 5 beta IPSW.

“Well, I was rooting through the OS and I stumbled across this in the fairplayd daemon. This is on the iPod touch 4 on iOS 5 beta 1,” he wrote.

His post specifically refers to the following strings of code…


<string>iPod 4,2</string>

…where iPod 4,1 is the latest version of the player - iPod touch fourth generation.

The designation would indicate a minor update of the portable player, rather than a major overhaul.

However, no one really expects the iPod touch to be radically changed. The device has performed beautifully ever since its original introduction, and the incremental updates (more storage, Retina display, the A4 chip etc) have only added to its success.

The current iTouch features a sleek metal finish and a slim design, one that Apple is believed to have adopted for the fifth-generation iPhone rumored to debut this fall.

With plans for an iPod touch 5 now confirmed, we are keeping our fingers crossed for a simultaneous release of the fifth-generation iPhone.

It wouldn’t be too far fetched to see Apple finally include the iPhone and iPad in its annual autumn events that focus on iPods and music.

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