iPod touch 4G Sells at “Nano” Prices via Special Deals

Refurbished iPod touch players are a steal at $149 with 8GB of storage

It’s no mystery that not all Apple fans can afford buying every new generation of every new iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Which is where Apple’s carefully-maintained Special Deals area comes into play offering special prices on re-packaged goods.

Featured on the Special Deals area on store.apple.com in the United States is a couple of iPod touches selling at the same price as the newest iPod nano$149.00.

Granted these iPod touches are fourth-generation units, but the specifications will more than do your purchase justice.

The 4th-gen iTouch comes with a 3.5-inch Retina display (the same one that shipped with the original iPhone 4), 8 gigs of memory (for the quoted price above), support for iOS 6, and the entire App Store at your fingertips.

It does FaceTime and HD video recording, iMessage (free text messages over WiFi), Game Center, and it allows you to watch movies and TV shows on the go with the Videos application.

“Your favorite movies and TV shows are now playing on a subway train or plane near you,” Apple says. “Because you can buy movies and TV shows, or just rent them, right on iPod touch.”

The company encourages buyers to “Shop the iTunes Store and choose from thousands of must-see titles to fill your iPod touch. Then watch them on the amazing 3.5-inch color widescreen Retina display.”

Of course, you can always just transfer your existing videos from your computer to your iPod touch in seconds.

You can use it to play almost every game and run every social networking app you can think of. After all, that’s half of its purpose as a media-consumption device.

Originally shipped in September 2010, its sleek design is sure to impress for many years to come. And if you absolutely must upgrade your experience a bit, you can buy Apple’s new EarPods separately for 30 bucks.

Check out the latest deals on refurbished iPods right here.


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