iPhone/iPad Battery Drain Could Be Caused by Apps, Not iOS 6.1.3 – Poll

Some users are seeing improved battery life in iOS 6.1.3

While there is a clear indication that a lot of users are having battery drainage problems with their iPhones and iPads, it may just as well be that certain applications are contributing to the issue, if not causing it altogether.

Some customers on Apple Support Communities are reporting improved mileage after updating to iOS 6.1.3, the latest software update from the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

For example, a user identified as “DrAyush” writes, “Recently I updated to iOS 6.1.3 on my iPhone5 and I didn't face this issue, infact [sic] in my case Battery Life has significantly improved.”

A developer using the handle “malanaice” adds, “…when you develop an app for ios you have to submit it to apple and follow their guidelines. One of it says the app should not drain a lot of the battery.”

Yet Apple has notoriously approved numerous applications that fail to comply with some of the company’s guidelines, and there’s no guarantee that some apps have been proof-checked for battery drainage.

In fact, there may well be a lot of power-hungry IPs among the top grossing apps in the App Store.

WhatsApp Messenger has been known to be a power hog. The same goes for various graphically-intensive games, such as the Temple Run series.

Apple doesn’t specifically outline exactly how much battery drainage is allowed. Moreover, a user’s mileage may vary depending on the iOS version they have installed.

Suppose iOS 6.1.3 isn’t perfectly suitable for some of these applications. It would certainly answer the question why lots of users are experiencing battery drainage following this software update. Which brings us to our point.

In order to identify which apps don’t play nicely with iOS 6.1.3, we invite our readers to list their most used apps in the comments.

With enough comments posted we’ll be able to assess which titles are the most commonly found on affected devices and, perhaps, identify those apps that may cause battery drainage.

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