iPhone Photography Reaches Retro Limit with Gizmon Shutter

Achieve super stills by using a remote shutter that looks like an old film cartridge

No matter how good of a camera the next iPhone will get, chances are you’ll still require a very steady hand for your photo shooting sessions. But by using a remote shutter with your iDevice, you’ll never have to worry about smudged images ever again.

Shaky photos have always been a problem on the iPhone. It’s not an iPhone-specific issue, but it’s certainly not as typically-experienced with other smartphones.

iOS allows you to snap a photo in various ways, one of which involves pressing the volume-up button on your Apple gear. Another method is to connect your headphones with Remote and Mic and use their volume-up button to capture a scene.

The Gizmon iCA Remote Shutter does pretty much the same thing, only it puts a majorly retro-looking film cartridge in your hand for $23 / €18.

If you’re a photography fan, chances are you’ll choose this over the tangly headphones that shipped with your iPhone.

According to Gizmon, “You can use it with iOS devices that have a camera function, such as the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You can take photos without handshake even in dark places.”

Indeed, non-shaky images taken in low-light conditions will look much better by using a remote shutter.

The hardware is plug-and-play. Simply connect it to the headphone jack and start shooting! It even comes with a retractable cord. “Using the keychain, it becomes a cute film-style key holder,” reads Gizmon’s marketing pitch.

You get three color options labeled as Color A, Color K, and Color F, which is Red, Yellow and Green, respectively.

Best of all, the controller is not limited to the iPhone’s default Camera app. It works with most of the popular camera apps found in Apple’s App Store.

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