iPhone Owners Tend to Be Educated, Married and Female

iOS customers also have higher-paid jobs and seem to be more educated

iPhone owners are more likely than Android users to be female and married. This is just one of the many conclusions reached by iGR analysts after conducting a study to learn demographic variables among the two camps.

Market strategy consultancy firm iGR says iPhone owners are more likely to have an income level above $50,000, as well as a bachelor's or graduate degree, rather than Android users.

Apple customers are also more likely than Android users to plan buying a new smartphone in the short term.

The firm is careful to point out, though, that the survey was conducted during the week of the iPhone 5 announcement, “and it appears that many Apple users were waiting to purchase a new iPhone,” it says.

Another plus to the Apple camp – iPhone owners tend to have more brand loyalty, with iGR noting that “they were much more likely than Android users to state that they will 'definitely only consider' the same phone.”

Furthermore, iOS customers are more likely to own a tablet computer than Android fans are.

Iain Gillott, president and founder of iGR, says, “Beyond some basic differences, such as service providers and mobile phone brands, other differences became apparent when we analyzed these groups' responses to our survey.”

“These groups not only have distinct demographic profiles, they also display different trends in their recent and planned purchases, the other computing devices that they use, their use of cellular data services, their desired improvements to their cellular data service, and their use of WiFi on their smartphone,” Gillott notes.

iGR's market research report, titled “Android and Apple Smartphone Consumers: How do they differ?” is available for immediate purchase at www.iGR-inc.com.

Interested parties can learn more about the research, including the questions answered in the white paper, at this address.

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