iPhone OS 4.0 Beta IPSW Free Activation Available

Sources claim to have activation methods ready for anyone interested in running the latest iPhone software

As soon as the developer beta of iPhone OS 4.0 got leaked to the Internet, multiple sources claimed to possess the necessary goods to activate the software for whomever was willing to have it installed on their device. The problem with these offerings, however, is that they are paid (fees range from $5 to $10). But not all, according to two recent posts.

Introduced on April 8th, iPhone OS 4 is being offered to Apple-registered devs for free, alongside a Software Development Kit (SDK), which enables them to code apps that are compatible with the new software. iPhone OS 4.0 is set to be released publicly this summer.

A post at tech-exclusive.com explains that, “You can get the developer’s account by paying $100 to Apple, but some people can’t pay this amount due to several reasons. iH8sn0w, a popular hacker, has the solution of the problem.” “He has posted a video on Twitter, which shows a trick to activate latest iPhone OS 4 beta on your iPhone or iPod Touch,” the site claims. The video (located here) indeed shows how the user in question removes two lines of code from the SystemVersion.plist file (particularly <key>ReleaseType</key> and <string>Beta</string>), but doesn’t provide any evidence of an activated iPhone OS 4.0 Beta. Needless to point out, Softpedia strongly advises anyone who owns an Apple handset against doing this.

There are two things you need to keep in mind when it comes to pre-release Apple software. First of all, the mere fact that it’s pre-release (beta) software makes it illegal to download and use by the average Joe. Even as an Apple-registered developer, there are still some guidelines to follow, one of which includes not disclosing stuff about the software, or passing it on to others. Some developers have already broken this rule. There is also the risk of bricking your iPhone / iPod touch, this being the second thing you need to bear in mind. Bottom line: software that is off limits should stay that way.

Another report, this time by sizlopedia.com, claims to also have a free method of activating the iPhone OS 4.0 beta for a device. It requires its readers to answer a question in the comments and then complete a form with their device type, unique device ID (UDID), and email address. From its post, it is understood that the site’s staff would then contact the user with an activation code. Softpedia strongly advises everyone with such intentions to just stay put. And, just to be clear, our site posts this kind of news for informational purposes only.

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