“iPhone Math Prototype” Images Show Us What the 4.8” Device Could Look Like

Supporting recent rumors, the renderings show a bigger screen and a multi-color lineup

The next iPhone from Apple might not be called “Math,” though numerous voices in the Apple blogosphere seemingly have no problem perpetuating this infantile rumor (and that’s putting it mildly). The specs, however, could materialize.

Thanks to a crafty “appledigger” in Russia we now have the first renderings of an “iPhone Math Prototype” to buzz our readers with.

The rumored 4.8-inch display would lead to an additional row of icons added to the phone’s homescreen, which would undoubtedly make 9gag’s day, spawning new Lightsaber memes.

The alleged 12-megapixel camera is also incorporated in this “prototype,” though you can’t see any difference since the phone just spins around in a typical concept manner (video embedded below). All you can do is trust the captions.

Most people seem to agree that Apple’s next iPhone will look a lot like the iPhone 5. No argument there, since it would be the third time the Cupertino giant pulled the “S” card (iPhone 3G/3GS; iPhone 4/4S; iPhone 5/5S, but this one remains to be confirmed).

The phone is expected to launch in a splash of colors, something we, at Softpedia, anticipated as early as last year.

With the iPhone 5S potentially bringing nothing too revolutionary to the table, a multi-color lineup would undoubtedly distract us from the identical specs.

However, it would be strange not to incorporate a lot of new stuff into a much larger phone. A 5-inch display means much more real estate for apps, games, and video.

It also means a bigger chassis, and that would implicitly make room for new gadgets inside the phone, such as NFC (for payments), a new processor, new radios, and a much more powerful battery.

However, there are just as many supporters of this theory as there are nay-sayers. And one of the biggest concerns is that Apple could have a hard time forcing developers to re-write the 750,000 apps in the App Store for the extra diagonal inch.

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