iPhone 6 & iPad 5 Could Have Longer-Lasting Batteries Thanks to “Cellular Power Optimizations”

iOS Power team at Apple needs a new cellular power engineer

Apple has a hardware engineering team entirely dedicated to improve battery life by performing cellular power optimizations. And they need a new member to make the next iPhone and iPad even less power-hungry.

It’s no mystery that cellular connectivity draws a lot of juice from our iPhones and iPads, especially when we stream video or play online games.

Apple is looking to alleviate this issue by making new improvements to the way iPhones and iPads handle cellular data.

“Ubiquitous connectivity is one of the key traits on iPhones and iPads,” reads a job advert for iOS Cellular Power Engineer on Apple.com.

“On the iOS Power team, we work hard to provide great connectivity with great battery life. We're looking for a software engineer to work on cellular power optimizations,” Apple states.

Needless to point out, the new recruit will need to possess excellent understanding of various cellular protocols (GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, LTE, and others).

Applicants also need to have serious debugging skills (both in software and in hardware), if they want Apple to consider their resume.

Some coding will be required on this staffer’s behalf, “preferably in C/C++/Objective C (or similar languages),” Apple says.

As usual, Apple wants a guy / gal who has good communication skills, both verbally, and in written conversations.

On a broader note, Apple explains, “In this role, you will work on all aspects of iOS, from board/module-level issues through the operating system all the way to application behavior.”

The company stresses that the purpose of this job is to achieve strong battery life for iOS devices through good power management on all levels involving cellular connectivity.

“Optimizing battery life involves solid testing methodology and strong debugging skills in both software and hardware.”

As an additional note, Apple says “To be successful in this role, you must feel comfortable working with many cross-functional teams in a fast paced and dynamic environment.”

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