iPhone 6 Display Issues Sends the Supply Chain in a Blockage Reuters

A problem with the backlight of the future display may delay the next-gen iPhone

Reuters has got some new unconfirmed information from Apple supply chain. This time, they are pretty sure that Apple had some issues with the next-generation iPhone's display so they had to go back to the drawing board. The change in design supposedly caused further problems with the suppliers, which are now struggling to make the new screens in time for the big launch.
The new report from Reuters explains how Apple's specs were tough to turn into the real deal at first. The Cupertino tech giant supposedly wanted to use a different screen and make the display thinner. The cited source explains how two people close to the supply chain confirmed the display panel production had an issue with the backlight. The technology problems were severe enough to have Apple stop the iPhone assembly lines for a while, back in June and July. 
The Reuters story goes on explaining how Apple was aiming for the thinnest possible display, therefore wanted to cut back to only one layer of backlight film. The industry standard is two layers and this may have caused an issue for both the iPhone 6 and the larger, iPhone 6L model. 
Because the new screen was not bright enough, Apple engineers and designers went back to the drawing board and that turned into a longer delay for the manufacturers. Reuters believes the factories in China are now back in full production, but the supply chain is still struggling to catch up with the demand for the new, redesigned display panel. 
Apple is currently buying the said screen from three different suppliers: Japan Display Inc., Sharp Corp., and the South-Korean LG Display Co Ltd.. Apple declined to comment on this story. 
The next-generation iPhone is expected to come out in two different sizes and it is less than a month away. The rumored 4.7-inch diagonal display and the larger 5.5-inch screen size will take Apple into the phablet market. The Cupertino tech giant will most probably leave behind the 4-inch size of the current iPhone 5s and will radically change the design of the new phone. 

The iPhone 6 and the rumored iPhone 6L industrial drawings and specs were confirmed by numerous leaks. Apple will also release a new iOS version. The eight iteration of their software will only improve on functionality of the previous iOS 7 and will have the iPhone and iPad work together more closely with the future OS X Yosemite.

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