iPhone 6 WWDC Leak Video Sends Shockwaves Through the Media, Gets Debunked

After raising pulses in the Apple blogosphere, the clip has been deemed fake

With only a day before the Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off, a video purporting to show Apple testing its iPhone 6 slides at Moscone West emerged on YouTube. The clip sent shockwaves through the media.

And you can imagine why. Although most bets are on Apple unveiling the iPhone 6 at an event later on in autumn, many are still keeping their fingers crossed for a WWDC announcement. We’ve noted on quite a few occasions that it’s a possibility, but we’ve been reserved regarding the latest string of leaks.

The video in question, only 11 seconds long and of very poor quality, claims to show Apple testing various slides that will be used to demo the phone on stage at WWDC. Three slides appear, one showing the alleged iPhone 6 from the front, one showing it from the side, and another one from the back.

According to the video, the phone would have only one antenna window on its back (not two, as previously suggested) and the slopes giving it a tapered look appeared even more pronounced (especially at the top) compared to existing case leaks. A few hours and 150,000 views later, the clip got debunked.

The very same source that “leaked” it later confirmed it was false alarm: a comparison image (above) confirms that the clip was but a montage. Using real footage of a presentation being tested without an attending crowd, the author tweaked the lighting and replaced the on-screen content with a trio of iPhone 6 shots from different angles.

The trick is admittedly clever and very well put together, enough to fool almost everyone in the media.

With that being said, there’s still a small possibility Apple has an iPhone 6 announcement prepared for tomorrow. However, we caution that this possibility is very slim (less than 10%), so you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much.

What you can look forward to is the unveiling of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10, Apple’s next-generation mobile and desktop operating systems. Pictures of banners being set up in anticipation of the event have already confirmed these impending announcements, but that doesn’t mean it will be a software-only event.

There’s still a lot of anticipation regarding an updated version of the MacBook Air, price cuts, and other stuff that Apple might have prepared for the ceremony. We’ll be on hand tomorrow to dish out the juiciest tidbits by the minute.

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