iPhone 6 Set for 2014 with Larger Display [DigiTimes]

Apple to debut only the iPhone 5S and a low-cost iPhone this year, report suggests

The iPhone rumor mill is beginning to pick up steam as countless so-called sources chime in with a different theory of what’s on Apple’s product roadmap for 2013. DigiTimes is reporting that only two new iPhones are launching this year, neither of which has a bigger screen.

A report from business-to-business resource BrightWire released earlier this week claimed Apple was actually developing three separate iPhones to launch in 2013.

One of those devices reportedly has a 4.8-inch display and a 12 megapixel camera.

Citing the usually ambiguous “industry sources,” Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes hops on the bandwagon to deny claims of a third new iPhone model for this year.

The sources in question reportedly told the paper that “Apple is planning the release of two iPhones in 2013 that are likely to be sized 4-inch and feature in-cell technology.”

Backtracking on one of its own reports regarding a potentially bigger handset, the site adds, “Previously it was said that Apple would release a lower-cost version of its iPhone with a bigger screen in 2013.”

However, the sources are now saying that while Apple “is indeed developing an iPhone with a bigger screen [it] will not be among the models to be launched this year.”

What Apple will cough up this year is a new version of the iPhone 5 (rumored to be called the iPhone 5S) and a cheaper device targeted at the midrange market segment, according to the report.

Both handsets will employ in-cell touch screen technology, the sources said.

It is worth noting that such chatter builds up every year as Apple prepares a new iPhone model (and assorted software) for unveiling, and 2013 is no exception to the rule.

If anything, even more hype is likely to build around WWDC this year should the press continue to sustain rumors of a multi-iPhone launch in 2013.

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