iPhone 6 Running iOSX “Fusion” Operating System – Concept by Ciccaresedesign

Federico Ciccarese envisions a new iPhone borrowing design elements from the iPod nano

As we take our first baby steps into 2013, designers are already trying to envision the next-generation iPhone. Federico Ciccarese is the first to do so. He smites us with another one of his stunning iPhone concepts portraying a completely redesigned version of Apple’s smartphone running a “fusion” OS.

Federico Ciccarese, of Ciccaresedesign, believes Apple will finally blend iOS and OS X into a perfect fusion of mobile and desktop with the next-generation iPhone 6.

So he sent us some tantalizing graphics to show you what Apple might bring to the table soon.

While the iOSX iPhone is probably eons away, this realistic iPhone 6 concept leaves us gushing at the thought of it materializing in the next few months.

“On the screen you can see iOSX, fusion between iOS and OSX, it will work on future Apple devices,” Federico tells us.

No doubt it will, considering Apple’s strivings to achieve a unified ecosystem with every passing generation of iDevices. The only problem is that it probably won’t come to life this year.

As the intriduing photos show, Apple’s next-generation iPhone could be a complete departure from the current design.

Review image

Adopting the look and feel of the latest iPod nano players, Federico’s iPhone 6 appears to be made from Liquidmetal, a space-age material Apple is known to be interested in using for its products.

The concept phone is all-display and even lacks the Home button, a design change previously predicted by many others. So far, Apple hasn’t been willing to give up the physical button in favor of touch input.

The design includes the new Lightning connector and seamlessly-integrated buttons on the sides.

The speaker holes and jack headphone plug are in line with Apple’s current iPhone 5 design. The jack socket itself gives us a pretty good impression of how thin this device would be.

Review image

Unfortunately Federico doesn’t provide any specs, such as the screen size or the weight of the device. But that won’t stop us from speculating. Go ahead and kick off your discussions in the comments.

Do you think Apple will eventually release this device? If so, how do you think it will affect competitors like Samsung and Google?

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