iPhone 6 Could Be Double-Plated with Sapphire Crystal – Back and Front

Mockups created by Dutch designer Martin Hajek may be the most accurate to date

Leaked iPhone 6 schematics indicate that Apple is launching an extremely thin new smartphone this year and, more interestingly, that both sides of the phone could be plated with sapphire crystal. It would explain the company’s expensive GT Advanced acquisition and the fast pace at which it is preparing to churn out tons of the exotic material.

The talented Martin Hajek, tapped by the Frenchies at Nowhereelse.fr (who obtained the leaked documents), has created a few mockups based on the purported schematic. He achieved the image displayed above (click to enlarge).

“...assuming that the illustrations below are true, the iPhone 6 would be declined in two versions (N56 / N61 and 402/401 models) respectively equipped with a screen of 4.7 inches and 5.5 of diagonal,” according to the French site.

“Visibly thinner than the current iPhone 5s (7.1mm thick according to my source), first note that the edges of the iPhone are slightly curved unlike those of previous generations with four slices were flat,” reads a rough machine translation of the report.

Indeed, provided that the leak is accurate, several wow factors immediately spring to mind: first and foremost, the insanely thin form factor; next in line is, of course, the tapered enclosure which looks extremely attractive; third, this looks a lot like something we’ve seen before – an iPhone whose both sides are covered in glass.

If Hajek has created an accurate depiction of the iPhone 6, it would certainly explain why Apple acquired sapphire-expert GT Advanced and the massive facilities being constructed in Mesa, Arizona. If the iPhone 6 ends up double-plated with sapphire crystal, remember you heard it on Softpedia first.

Although it’s not a complete radical shift from the current iPhone design, this refresh will undoubtedly make waves, especially if the phone really is so thin. It isn’t clear what materials Apple will use for the frame of the phone. However, with its antennas no longer obstructed by metal, the frame could well be made from virtually any material.

Some believe 2014 will mark the first time Apple uses Liquidmetal on a grand scale, and the material certainly deserves to be used in a flagship product like the iPhone. The product desperately needs an all-new look and feel, and these designs make us really sit on the edge of our seats. In fact, it makes us hope rumors of a WWDC unveiling turn out to be true as well.

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