iPhone 5S Screen Leaked, Photos Show Minor Differences

Comparison shots reveal a slightly different screw layout, longer flex cable

By on August 6th, 2013 13:38 GMT

An iPhone 5S display panel has been leaked in the beautiful land of the Czech Republic where a bunch of photos show the differences between the new part and the corresponding part from the iPhone 5.

Like a spot-the-difference game, the gallery up on letemsvetemapplem.eu (which we’re also sharing with you below) shows few big changes, and lots of tiny rearrangements of certain smaller parts, screw holes, etc.

One notable change is the longer flex cable in the iPhone 5S front panel. Other than that, everything else looks pretty much the same as before, including the front facing camera, ear piece, etc.

The panel may or may not be destined for the iPhone 5S. Keep in mind that Apple also has a plastic "iPhone 5C" in development scheduled to debut this fall. Rumor has it that it’s basically a repackaged iPhone 5, so this Czech leak could very well be showing us the low-end phone.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 front panel comparison (5 Images)

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