iPhone 5C Cases Already Available

Amazon is now carrying iPhone cases allegedly made for the "budget" 2013 iPhone

iAccessory maker elago is already shipping Slim Fit cases for Apple’s unconfirmed iPhone 5C through Amazon, suggesting that the company is banking on the rumors.

Leaked in a photo on the WeiPhone forums in China, a plastic (shipping) box bearing the “iPhone 5C” dubbing suggests Apple has settled on the name of its budget iPhone for 2013.

In all fairness, the leak could be fake, but every new tidbit is getting serious attention in the weeks leading up to Apple’s fall event, which promises to yield not one, but several new iPhone upgrades.

Accessory makers are nothing short of bold when it comes to announcing protective cases before Apple even confirms the final design, and this time is no different.

While some high-profile vendors do get the appropriate specs (dimensions) in time for the phone’s unveiling, there’s no certainty elago falls in this category.

Which means you’ll have to go on faith when you order your very own “elago S5C Slim Fit 2 Case for iPhone 5C + HD Professional Extreme Clear film included - Full Retail Packaging (Soft Feeling Black).”

Now available on Amazon for the handsome price of $24.99 / €18.84, the new S5C Slim Fit 2 case for the iPhone 5C “lets you protect and cover your phone in style,” according to its creators.

“The case was molded to fit perfectly and allows easy, full access to all buttons and ports on your device,” says elago.

“Our Slim Fit 2 cases are specially coated to reduce the amount of scratches, oil, and dirt residue left on your phone, all while improving grip quality,” the company adds.

Don’t rush to buy this thing simply because of the hype. You’ll want the phone first, then the protection. There’s a good chance elago is jumping the gun here.

Their advertising is quite tantalizing, though.

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