iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Issue Points to Design Flaw

Hitting the far-left side of the button works, while far right is non-responsive

If you’re having problems with the Sleep/Wake button on your iPhone 5, you might as well take it to Apple for a replacement. According to numerous customers writing on Apple’s forums, the company will swap your flawed handset for a new one, no questions asked.

We are able to confirm what dozens of Apple customers are actively complaining about on the company’s Support site (and numerous other sites) - a potential design / manufacturing flaw with the handset that results in a non-working Sleep/Wake button.

The problem isn’t noticeable during the first days of usage. However, after a few weeks, or months (in some cases), the Sleep/Wake button begins to fail.

Softpedia can confirm the issue. There’s a particularity to it that we have noticed on our own iPhone 5 test unit. And here it is.

The failing Sleep/Wake button will still work fine for a while (after it exhibits the first signs of malfunctioning), as long as you press it on its far-left side. Hit it on the far right, and it will not respond.

Not surprisingly, customers complaining about the issue in this Apple forum thread are saying the exact same thing.

“I've had my iPhone 5 since launch day and have had no problems up until about a week ago,” writes one user. “It's one of my most prized possessions (along with all my other Apple products) so I've been super careful with it, and have never dropped the phone.”

“However, the sleep/wake button is very unresponsive. It's fine when pushing on the left most side of the button, but the rest to the right is completely unresposive,” this person says.

Another chimes in to say, “Same issue for my iPhone 5. Got it on launch day and the sleep/wake button is almost completely non-responsive. I had been able to get the far left side to work but even that isn't working every time, now.”

“I have the same issue with  my iPhone 5,” writes another person just a few posts later. “My sleep button is starting to go out. Only the left side of it is responsive right now.”

One user claims Apple is aware of this issue, noting that the company will swap phones for customers coming to their local store with the faulty handset for replacement.

“This is a common issue. Set up an appointment at an apple store and take it in. I took mine in, they will see it doesn't work, and instantly replace it,” writes rybo105 on Apple Support Communities.

“I was in and out in 10 Minutes. They will give you a brand new phone. Very cooperative. You'll back up your phone in there, sign in to the new one, and it'll be as if you didn't even know you got a new one,” this user adds.

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