iPhone 5 Is Crafted Around iOS 5, iCloud, Packs A5 Chip - Industry Sources

Apple market-share to gain solid points with the unveiling of a new device tomorrow

The usual industry sources cited by a Taiwanese publication seem 100% confident that Apple will not only release an A5-based iPhone tomorrow, but that the device will boast WCDMA and CDMA connectivity in separate configurations, much like today’s GSM and CDMA iPhone 4 versions.

Industry publication Digitimes bluntly states that several sources have shared with them some of the hardware specifications pertaining to Apple’s next iPhone, believed to be either the iPhone 5, or a handset dubbed 'iPhone 4S'.

Citing the intel gathered from these sources, the site confidently reports that Apple is poised to use tomorrow’s event to launch an iPhone packing an A5 dual-core processor. The phone is allegedly tailored for iOS 5, the next major version of Apple's mobile operating system.

The handset’s features are also said to be focused on supporting iCloud services.

Finally, the phone will come in two versions, one capable of WCDMA (GSM) wireless, the other, CDMA (Verizon’s thing).

The information comes by way of a report that looks at the potential changes in global market share for the major smartphone platforms in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The primary reason cited in this impending destabilization of the smartphone market is, in fact, the launch of Apple’s next-generation iPhone tomorrow.

Trailing the iPhone 5 as potential grounds shaking factors are upcoming releases from Nokia and Android-handset vendors, the industry sources said.

They added that the launch of a new iPhone and Mango phones combined will cause Android's share in the global smartphone market to fall.

The sources (not necessarily analysts, but the report certainly suggests they are knowledgeable in these matters), specifically noted that they expected Android’s market share to drop to 40-50% in the fourth quarter.

As far as Apple's iOS is concerned, the platform is expected to gain another 5 points to capture 25% of the market. Microsoft's will have only a 5% slice of the smartphone pie, the sources concluded.

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