iPhone 5 Delayed Till October Because of White iPhone, AT&T Rep Says - Report

A report quoting an AT&T representative claims a new timeframe for Apple’s iPhone 5 launch, as well as details pertaining to its delay and cellular capabilities.

According to the report in question, the AT&T rep that was eager to discuss iPhone matters in a Jamba Juice store (yes, we agree it’s not the most credible piece of news) the operator had just hosted a meetings with its staff where they had been briefed on when the next iPhone might arrive.

AT&T high-ups reportedly told staff that Apple’s iPhone 5 had been delayed because of the White iPhone.

The fifth-generation device will not launch in September, but October, this person said.

A transcript of the actual conversation between the AT&T rep and a person looking to sign up for the next iPhone is provided:

Me “It’s a shame that the iPhone 5 won’t come out till September now. I was hoping to get one because other rumors said that it may support Sprint and T-Mobile.”

AT&T Employee “Actually I just got back from a cooperate meeting discussing the new iPhone 5. They said it won’t be put in stores till October now due to the White iPhone 4. Apple wants as many sales as possible.”

Me “That’s a shame. I heard it was also suppose to be just one phone. Like it could work on AT&T Verizon etc.”

AT&T Employee “That wasn’t discussed at the meeting. I can’t really see Apple doing that yet until the next iPhone after 5 when 4g will be on it.”

It is naive to hold this piece of information as 100% accurate, but it’s not impossible for it to be true either.

While Apple is not likely to have handed their full iPhone 5 roadmap to AT&T, the carrier still needs to know about the phone if it’s going to sell it for Apple.

So it’s a fair possibility some of the information here is worth putting in the drawer with iPhone 5 rumors at the very least.

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