iPhone 5 Battery Leaked in Photos

Markings indicate slight increase in capacity and autonomy

In the months leading up to Apple’s new iPhone announcement, almost every day brings a new leak. Today is no different, with a “reliable” parts supplier sending images of a next-generation iPhone battery pack to the Mac blogosphere.

Obtained from “a reliable parts source” via 9to5mac contributor Sonny Dickson, the image available to the left (click to enlarge) shows a new iPhone battery pack they received (front and back).

It’s allegedly made for the next-generation iPhone, and it has a higher capacity than the battery packs in previous-generation iPhones.

Repair shop iFixYouri took a look at the markings on the hardware and noted that the leaked unit boasts a capacity of 1440 mAh (up from 1430 mAh on the iPhone 4S; up from 1420 mAh on the iPhone 4).

Changes can also be seen in the voltage department (3.8 V, up from 3.7 on older handset models) and an increase in watts-per-hour (wHr). The new battery boasts 5.45 wHr, an increase from 5.3 on the iPhone 4S.

According to 9to5mac, this increase is proportional due to the jump from 1430 to 1440 mAh.

The markers also say the unit was produced in June 2012, which falls well with the component manufacturing and (rumored) planned release date of the new Apple handset.

After countless hardware leaks, the design of the next-generation iPhone is all but confirmed.

Going by the images floating around the web, the front side of the device will be almost identical to the current-generation design, albeit taller, whereas the back side sports a metal plate with a dual-finish.

Some of the buttons and connectors are relocated and / or resized, such as the headphone jack moving over to the bottom of the phone, the dock connector getting smaller, and the Home button also shrinking down a bit.

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